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GOODBYE** and welcome to my
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I live in Napa, California, USA, Earth! Where are you? I am the most SERIOUS, QUIETEST, SHYEST Clown you'll NEVER meet!

I am Twelveteen years YOUNG and have been Clowning since I was a GROAN-UP. Born in a New York City nursery, my favorite color is definitely GREEN!

** from the Webmistress: Violet usually says the opposite of what she means. For clarification, I have capitalized the inverted words.

I am a licensed, award-LOSING, TWO-of-a-kind (thank goodness) clown who HATES to play with kids of all ages. Lots of people invite me to all kinds of fun events: corporate parties, birthdays, anniversaries, grand CLOSINGS, banquets, family reunions, weddings, hospital and nursing home visits, rocket launchings, Bar Mitzvahs and garage sales. I am infamous for my singing Clown-O-Grams. They can enliven any occasion or no occasion. They are guaranteed to be FORGETTABLE!

Wanna hear me sing???

Violet and the Twins
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